Are you need money ? Population and energy consumption

24. 05. 2022

Are you need money ? Sell your phone and still use it. Nowadays, it’s awfully to have children after the age of 30, but how was it during our young years with our grandmothers? When my grandmother was 30 years old, she had 5 children, she had to prosecute the household, go to the fields and provide everything the family needed. You could say that she was alone because my grandfather worked as a carpenter in Cheb. The grandmother lived with her children in České Budějovice. And how is it today? In the Czech Republic, it’s easy to have children later. As soon as a woman starts a baby at the age of 40, doctors look at her for a risky case without taking into account her overall health. It doesn’t really matter if a pregnant woman is 20 or 40, the woman “has to” go to a lot of tests, she is more stressed and this of course has an effect on the baby. At the time of my parents (people born around 1970), there were not many phones available, only a few people had a landline at home and had to make an appointment in advance and plan everything in person. There was no way they would call and sit on their asses at home like today’s youth do. My family and I live in a housing estate in Prague, and when I go to the playground with my little daughter (16m) I see a lot that the young generation does not give a phone.

In 2010, our planet was inhabited by “only” 7 billion people. And what about today in 2022? The number has increased rapidly and we are already at 8 billion. Rapid population growth began in the 17th century, with an average percentage of around 1-3%. We have had a huge increase in population over the last 12 years and, of course, every young person in developed countries has to have their mobile phone, and those who do not have one are in the “looser” company. Are you need money ? Sell your phone and still use it. The largest population growth is in Asia. In first place is China, in second place is India and in third place is the USA. In the last census in the Czech Republic, 10.5 million people were registered. The population has increased due to the arrival of foreigners, but we as a nation are gradually declining. 111,800 children were born in the Czech Republic in 2021. According to UN calculations, the number of people will increase by about another 2 billion by 2050, so there will be around 10 billion people in the world. Unfortunately, we have been living on the ecological debt of the planet for some time, animals of various species are dying out on the planet, and we as humans are not doing much with it. So let’s think about what we could change! Don’t throw away your mobile phones and tablets and come and find them a new place!

With so many of us on our plains, let’s see what our average energy consumption is in the Czech Republic. What is the average energy consumption of a small to medium-sized house in the Czech Republic? The house only lights up and powers common appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, freezer, television, computer, mobile phones and tablets. Electricity consumption ranges from 2000 to 3200 kWh per year. If it also boils on electricity, thanks to it it also heats and heats water, so it can be a bit more. Consumption is influenced by how the family views the environment and the type of appliances. Are you need money ? Sell your phone and still use it. Do you know your biggest electricity eaters? Electricity bills are still rising and no one knows how much it will stop. Some people live on as little money as possible, they monitor the consumption of their appliances, they wash, for example, at a time when electricity is for less money and someone does not solve it at all. To know where and how to start saving, we need to know exactly what you are spending on. You will need to know the power consumption of the device and the price per 1 kW. If you know this information, you can calculate your consumption yourself.

Power consumption is calculated in Watts (W) and indicates how many Watts the device consumes in 1 hour of operation. You should get this information in the description of your device or directly on the appliance.
For example, an LED bulb has a power input of 9 W. So you consume 9 W (0.009 kW) of electricity per hour. Today, the price for 1kW is around CZK 2,800 to CZK 4,200.


appliance power consumption (W) x 0.001 x operating time in hours x price per 1 kWh in crowns

So the price for 1 hour of lighting is around CZK 25.2 to CZK 37.8.

Are you need money ? Sell your phone and still use it. Thanks to PLEDDU.