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Sell-Rent–Trade-Donate your old mobile phone

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Get money for your phone and rent it back
Pleddu - services
Rent pre-owned mobile phone
Pleddu - services
Rent your old phone to others
Pleddu - services
Donate your old phone
Pleddu - services
Reduce & Reuse - minimize amount of waste
Pleddu - services
Recycle - put product to a new use
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in harmony with the Earth

PLEDDU products for you

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icon Back Rent
Sell § use

I want money for a mobile phone that I will continue to use

Get money now for a mobile phone you’ll keep on using. Do you need to get money for your mobile phone quickly and safely but don’t want to lose it? We’ll buy it from you and let you use it for a small rental fee. We’ll sort it all out online fairly and with clear rules.

  • Online signing of the Purchase and Rental Agreement
  • Money in your account within 5 minutes
  • No complicated paperwork or proof of income
  • You can continue to use your mobile fully
  • Affordable Rent that you can end at any time
  • 15-day and 30-day rental option
  • Redemption option
How it works
Fresh Rent
Fresh Rent

I want to rent a refurbished mobile phone

Your mobile phone has reached the end of its life but you don’t want to buy a new one? Rent a quality refurbished mobile phone that has the best yet to come. We’ve bought it out for a fair price, given it an honest check-up and got it back in tip-top shape. Thanks to all this you can now protect nature from further waste and your wallet from a hefty outlay.

  • Only modern phones in TOP condition
  • 12-month warranty
  • Low rent
  • Fast delivery and free returns
  • Option to change model
  • Electrical waste reduction
  • Promoting circular and sustainable economy
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Sell device
Trade Rent

I want to give away a cell phone I don’t need anymore

Do you have an older but functional phone at home that you no longer need?
Give it a second chance. With PLEDDU app you can easily rent it to someone who doesn’t want or can’t buy a brand new phone. You’ll get a regular boost to your budget and a good feeling that you’ve helped. Another person and nature.

  • Put a mobile phone back into circulation that you no longer need
  • We'll arrange the contracts for you online
  • We guarantee your regular rent
  • We pay the postage for sending the mobile
  • You help environmentally minded people
  • You can donate the proceeds to those in need
  • You reduce the amount of e-waste
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About us

We are a technology start-up. We were standing on the starting line, not so long time ago. Fortunately, we’re not alone. We are gradually gaining momentum and experience THANKS to you – like-minded people. People who care about the state they leave the Earth in.


pleddu fresh rent

Reduce and Reuse or Recycle

Thanks to PLEDDU used mobile phones don’t end up in cupboards or in landfills. Instead they serve people who care about the fate of the Earth. Who have chosen to reduce waste, encourage the refurbishment of working devices and recycle mobiles when they have outlived their usefulness.

Will you join them? It’s easier than you think.

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We want to be in harmony with our plannet


Even the refurbished phones we rent to you will run out one day. But we also have other uses for them. We break them down into their first parts and give them a new purpose. How? There are more possibilities than the parts that make up a mobile phone. One example of recycling for all. The wire parts of mobile phones are great for making jewellery, for example.

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Reactions from our clients

Feedback helps not only future customers, but also us. Thanks to it we are constantly improving PLEDDU services.