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16. 05. 2022

Is your phone green enough? Do you need money? Don’t you want to burden the environment? You can get money from us quickly and do something for our planet! Feel free to contact us ! Did you know that one of the evaluation aspects of operators is the environmental impact of the phone! Price, production, brand? This will definitely not be enough when making a phone! The five largest operators in Europe have decided to rate the devices according to their environmental impact using Eco Rating. The five largest companies in Europe include: Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Telefónica and Telia. Vodafone states that the production of phones and their operation are not negligible! It is estimated at 125 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, which corresponds to the operation of 31 coal-fired power plants.

PLEDDU green rent phone
PLEDDU green rent

Do you have a phone at home that does not burden the environment?

Twelve mobile phone manufacturers also joined the program. These manufacturers include: Bullitt Group (primarily CAT devices), Doro, HMD Global (Nokia mobile phones), Huawei, MoniWire, Motorola, Lenovo, OnePlus, OPPO, Samsung, TCL and Alcatel, Xiaomi and ZTE. Vodafone adds an Eco Rating to its 18 phones. This information is discreetly indicated only in the technical parameters of mobile phones. Do you need money? Do you have a working phone at home? Take advantage of our leaseback offer! We will buy the phone from you and you can continue to use it! Each rated phone will receive an overall rating. The evaluation consists of five areas. These are durability and durability, repairability, recyclability, resource efficiency and climate friendliness. Czech T-Mobile, which is also involved in the survey, does not yet provide any information on the environmental impact of telephones.

Is your phone green enough?

The maximum number of points is 100. Unfortunately, none of the tested phones received the full number of points. Most phones received from 77 to 85 points. Devices that have as few precious metals as possible should get a higher number of points. Vodafone’s tests came out as follows: Most phones were from Samsung. How to get money? The Samsung phones were 8, Xiaomi 5, Huawei 3, Motorola 1, OnePlus Nord 1. The Samsung S21 5G got the best rating. He got 85 points! The Xiaomi Redmi 9T phone with the 58 points was the worst. It can be said that the Samsung brand came out best of all testing with its models: Samsung S21 4G with 85 points, Samsung A12 with 81 points, Samsung S31 Ultra 5G with 80 points, Samsung S21 plus 5G with 79 points, Samsung A32 5G with 78 points Samsung S20 FE 5G 77 points, Samsung A02s 77 points, Samsung A42 5G 75 points. Other phones were as follows: HuaweiP40 Lite got 79 points, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 77 points, Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 74 points, OnePlus Nord 5G 72 points, Huawei P smart 20221 70 points, Motorola E7 70 points, Xiaomi Mi 11 68 points, Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 67 points, Huawei P40 Pro 65 points and Xiaomi Redmi 9T 58 points.

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The maximum number of points is 100. Unfortunately, none of the tested phones received the full number of points. Most phones received from 77 to 85. Repairability is tracked by the iFixit organization, which publishes ratings on a scale of one to ten. Ten means the simplest repair and one the most complex repair. Don’t deal with finances? We will help you! We will buy your device and you can continue to use it lets say do backrent! You will receive the money in your account immediately! Faiphone is working on the simplest repair of its mobile phones. Some of the materials used to make this brand’s phone come from recyclable sources. The biggest advantages of the phones of this brand are: the phone is composed of seven modules, which the customer can replace at home as needed. This is quite interesting, because most manufacturers try to get only an authorized service with special equipment into the phone. Therefore, those who are not indifferent to the state of our planet can choose a mobile phone that does not burden our planet.