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We give you money for a mobile phone that will remain in your hand


The bank won’t lend you money?

Get money in a different way! Without checking your financial history, online and now.


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We'll take the financial thorn out of your side

Sell & Use

We’ll send you the money for the mobile phone that stays in your hand within a minute. We’ll buy the mobile phone from you online, but we’ll let you use it for a small rental fee. You can end the reant at any time and buy your mobile back.

How it works

Simple online signing of all agreements


Money in the account instantly


You can still keep in use your device


Rent termination at any time


Online service no complicated paper work


Buyback option

How it works?

Number 1

Download PLEDDU app
on the Google Play store

Number 2

We will handle the formalities directly in the application. You will fill in a few necessary details to conclude the online contract. Don’t worry. Nothing complicated – name, address, ID scan….. And the account number to send the money to.

Number 3

No more personal meetings to verify signatures. We sign everything nicely online by using SMS codes. PLEDDU technologies are not only safe and convenient but also legally protected. The contract is valid after entering the code.

Number 4

Congratulations! Take a look right now to your account. Probably money is waiting for you there.

Number 5

Do you want to buy a mobile phone back from us? Or have you decided to terminate the contract? You can solve all your requirements with a few clicks directly in the application.

Back Rent

We are also happy to help and advise you by phone, email or chat directly in PLEDDU application.

Why use the Sell & Use service

To get started, please prepare a photo of the OP (double-sided), the number of the bank account to which we will send the money to buy the phone. The number of the payment card that is associated with your bank account from which the monthly rent will be paid.

  • We do not deal with bank registries

  • We will appreciate your mobile phone immediately online

  • No complicated paperwork or proof of income

  • You sign the contracts in the application

  • You have the money in your account immediately

  • You can continue to use your mobile phone to the fullest

  • Low rents that you can end at any time

  • 15-day and 30-day rental variant

  • You can buy back your mobile phone

About us

We are a technology start-up. Not so long ago we were on the starting line. We are gradually gaining speed and experience. Fortunately we’re not alone. We listen to ideas and feedback from you – our customers. You are the only reason we are constantly learning. We are evaluating and improving the functionality of the app.

An application that is unprecedented.

PLEDDU application

We’ve created an app like the world has never seen before. An app that intuitively guides you to what you need. A PLEDDU app that lets you solve your financial woes in an instant, without giving up what you use most – your favourite mobile device. We help you create a more enjoyable life. With our products, you can improve it without the paperwork, from anywhere, anytime.


What we do

We specialize in digital mobile phone BackRent. That’s why we have developed a unique technology platform for the online valuation of digital devices. It will show you a price quote for buying your mobile in an instant, as well as the amount of the BackRent.

Are you in? If so, we’ll send you money right away for the phone that stays in your hand. How is this possible? We’ll buy your device, but we’ll also let you use it for a affordable rental fee. We also co-operate with

So you can easily solve your financial woes without the hassle of paperwork. Of course, you can terminate your renting at any time and buy your mobile back from us. Thanks to  PLEDDU app, everything is done online, securely and from the comfort of your own home.

Clients Pleddu

Reactions from our clients

Feedback helps not only future customers, but also us. Thanks to it we are constantly improving PLEDDU services.