We are a technology start-up. So not long ago, we were standing on the starting line. We are gradually gaining speed and experience. Fortunately, we’re not alone. We listen to ideas and feedback from you – our customers. You are the only reason we are constantly learning. We are evaluating and improving the functionality of the app. An app that is so far unparalleled.

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But that wasn’t enough. We wanted to do even more to reduce the amount of electrical waste on our planet. So you can not only sell, rent or donate your older phone to those in need, but also recycle it with PLEDDU.

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What we do

We specialize in digital mobile phone BackRent. That’s why we have developed a unique technology platform for the online valuation of digital devices. It will show you a price quote for buying your mobile in an instant, as well as the amount of the BackRent.
Are you in? If so, we’ll send you money right away for the phone that stays in your hand. How is this possible? We’ll buy your device, but we’ll also let you use it for a affordable rental fee.
So you can easily solve your financial woes without the hassle of paperwork. Of course, you can terminate your renting at any time and buy your mobile back from us. Thanks to  PLEDDU app, everything is done online, securely and from comfort of your home.

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We’ve created an app like the world has never seen before. An app that intuitively guides you to what you need. A PLEDDU app that lets you solve your financial woes in an instant, without giving up what you use most – your favourite mobile device. We help you create a more enjoyable life. With our products, you can improve it without the paperwork, from anywhere, anytime.

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We are constantly evolving

Do you know what planet Earth and a mobile phone have in common? They’re not disposable. Sometimes we forget that. We create unnecessary electrical waste. We buy new devices and their predecessors pile up in our drawers.

This approach seems short-sighted and dangerous. That’s why we started thinking about how to change it. How to give used but still good quality mobile phones a second chance in a simple, quick and meaningful way. That’s how PLEDDU, the marketplace for used mobile devices, was born.

If your mobile phone is really out of date or so old that it can no longer be used with the latest apps, we will recycle it for free. Don’t send it to a landfill. Send it to PLEDDU. We’ll handle it better than the bulldozers at the junkyard.


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