TOP 10 Questions

What happens if I decide to terminate the rent agreement?

To shorten the total rental period, you will pay the rent for the month in which you withdraw from the Rent Agreement. You may send the device to our address listed in the application. Or still you have the option to do device buyback.

What happens if I do not pay the monthly rent according to the Rent Agreement?

The device belongs to Maloni s.r.o. company, therefore it can be temporarily blocked with immediate effect. You may be charged for blocking fees according to the valid P, which can be found in the Documents section. However, it is always possible to inform our Customer Service in advance, who can conveniently resolve this situation with you without possible blocking of the phone.

What happens if the rent is not automatically deducted from the card because there was not enough cash on my account?

You will be notified by a notification that the rent has not been paid automatically. There are several payment options. You can also send the amount by bank transfer to the account of Fio banka 2601950262/2010. Don’t forget to specify your reference number. As we can quickly match the payment.

Can I change the credit card?

Yes, but you should inform us about it via chat. As we can activate your credit card change. A new verification process will be required.

Why do I need to state my bank account and credit card?

In order to send money to your account, you need to specify a bank account. If you keep the equipment for rent, the condition is to enter your payment card so that the monthly rent can be deducted automatically and for you without worries.

Where should I ship the phone that I decide to sell?

You are sending the device to the address Maloni s.r.o., Rybná 716/24, 110 000, Prague 1, which is also listed in the Contacts in PLEDDU app.

Do I have to state my bank account?

Yes, the account should match with the payment card you will use to verify when filling out the PLEDDU form.

Can I visit you in at your branch?

PLEDDU works online only. We are able to manage all requests by phone or chat with you. We strive for your comfort and time savings.

Can I use the service repeatedly?

Yes of course. If you are satisfied with the service, we will be happy for you to use our services again.

How can I contact you?

Our Customer support 311 241 101 ia available every weekday from 8:00 to 16:30 or send us email info@pleddu.com. The fastest way to contact us is through the chat which is available in the PLEDDU application.