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21. 06. 2022

Do you have a landline phone in your company or at home? Do you need money? What is a landline telephone network?

The fixed telephone network is a commercial telephone network. Telephones are connected to it via the local loop. This network can be part of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or it can be a private fixed telephone network. Nowadays, you can see landlines in companies, and rarely in the elderly. We can also find them in different states, but there are still private fixed telephone networks that are not connected to the public telephone network. They are used, for example, by the military.

How does landline telephony work?

It depends on the settings of individual companies. Every company has different guidelines. I personally met the fact that I picked up the phone, dialed a 3-digit number and called another colleague within the building. When I needed to call outside the network, I had to dial a number or a character first and then the entire phone number. Do you have an old phone at home? Come earn with us a backrent! The telephones had to be connected individually in the HW room, where the cable connection to the Internet was also managed.

Let’s take a look at the history of landline!

When the telephone was invented, calls were connected by selected pairs of telephone subscribers by a separate line (or by using separate telephones for each line). It was too restrictive and inefficient. Money fast! For this reason, telephone exchanges were created, which enable the connection of participants in one city.

Money immediately to your account. What did the first telephone exchanges look like?

The first telephone exchanges were manual. Automation began with the deployment of pulse dialing between the telephone and the exchange. Signaling methods have evolved over time and, using multi-tone dialing, the SS7 digital signaling system has been completed. You will receive the money in your account in no time! Contact PLEDDU. By the end of the 20th century, this signaling system connected most telephone exchanges.

What did the development of public switched telephone networks look like?

Sell your phone and still use it! The development of public switched telephone networks meant that techniques began to be needed to guarantee quality of service (QoS) to subscribers. A. K. Erlang laid the mathematical foundations of the methods needed to determine the capacity requirements and configuration of the facility, including the number of employees to ensure the specified level of service.

In the 1970s, public data networks using packet switching technology and the X.25 protocol began to be built. Do you need money, check our team ?

In the 1980s, the telecommunications industry began to develop. How to get money now? The first digital services that use circuit-switched technology for data services implementing end-to-end interconnection of two subscribers have begun to be put into operation. They come with the idea of Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (B-ISDN).

In the first half of the 20th century, there was a massive expansion of mobile telephone networks. The telephone was connected to the network using radio waves. How to make money fast? Thanks to mobile networks, the growth of landline users has slowed down rapidly. In any case, the fixed telephone network is still one of the options for connecting to a worldwide communications network.

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Network topology. How to make money fast?

Fast money. The original concept of the network was a multi-level hierarchy of telephone exchanges. This limits the number of long distance lines and allows you to manage only local calls separately. In modern networks, the cost of pronov capacities and facilities is much lower, so hierarchies do not have as many levels as before. In most cases, they only have 2. Where to get money fast?