Facts you didn’t know about phones

11. 11. 2021

Do you know anything about the history of phones? Do you know which are the best sellers? There are many interesting facts about smartphones that most people don’t know. It is one of the most important devices we use, yet we know so little about them. Here are some interesting facts about phones that might surprise you.

The first smartphone

The first “smartphone” dates back to 1997. This is one of the best facts about mobile phones

We are talking about the Ericsson GS88 “Penelope”, the first mobile phone to be called a “smartphone”. This term became popular around the world shortly afterwards.

The best-selling mobile phone is the Nokia 1100

To date, it has sold 250 million units and is considered one of the most durable phones ever created, which probably explains this success.

Watches and alarm clocks will disappear

Before the advent of phones, virtually everyone had an alarm clock on their bedside table and a watch on their wrist. Statistics say that after the advent of smartphones, approximately 60% of users stopped using alarm clocks and watches because they are part of smartphones.

There is an addiction to mobile phones called nomophobia

Around 200 million human beings suffer from this phobia of people who are afraid to leave their home without a mobile phone. There is also an English term “ringxiety” which is used to describe the feeling of hearing the phone ringing when it is not actually ringing. Another popular term is “phubbing”, which describes the behaviour of a person who ignores everything around them as a result of using a mobile phone.

On average, we check our mobile phones about 150 times a day

Although it is very likely that people suffering from nomophobia do this much more often than average, it is said that we check our phones every 6 minutes on average. Don’t feel like checking your phone? Better read this article and save it for later.

There are already more mobile phones in our world than people

This is happening because the number of people who have a mobile phone in the world is very high and growing. Each person owns an average of 1.5 phones.

The most expensive mobile phone in the world costs $95.5 million

It’s called the Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6, which has an 18-karat gold case and a large pink diamond on the back. Luckily for us, there’s also a more affordable version of this phone that you can get for just $48.5 million.

Mobile phones contain far more bacteria than a toilet

According to several studies, the number of bacteria on mobile phone screens is 20 to 30 times higher than in a toilet bowl. So that’s a good reason to keep it out of your mouth, don’t you think?

The term Bluetooth comes from the Nordic king

We’re talking about the 10th century Danish and Norwegian king, Harald Blatand, mistranslated into English as Harald Bluetooth. This king managed to unite the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish tribes and convert them to Christianity. Another clue to make sure we are right – the Bluetooth logo combines the runes Hagall and Berkana, which correspond to the initials of Harald Bluetooth.

In Finland, mobile phone throwing is a sport

The best part is that it’s also held annually and has been since 2000. The previous distance record is set at 97 meters for men and 40 meters for women.

The mobile phone is also in space