PLEDDU comes with a unique BackRent

16. 02. 2022

How about benefiting nature and other people? It is with this goal that the technological startup PLEDDU comes to the Czech market. It is a technological platform through which it is possible to rent mobile phones. Anyone can get involved, whether you want to rent a phone because you do not intend to buy a new one or you want to give life to your older mobile phone.
The Czech company Maloni is behind the PLEDDU startup. It was only launched at the end of January, but it is already gaining attention. He is coming up with something that people are hearing about today – in an effort to save our nature and our wallets. And what does PLEDDU really allow?

Sell your mobile and rent it

Do you need cash, but the classic sale of the phone does not solve your problem, because at the same time you have to have a phone to use? Then you may want to rent back. You sell the phone and you can still rent it for a small amount per month, so it will remain physically for you. The rental can be terminated at any time, and you can handle everything online and without complicated paperwork. Money for the phone can come to your account within 5 minutes.

Rent a refurbished phone

Don’t want to buy a new phone? Rent a refurbished mobile phone that will serve you great. You will save money and still be environmentally friendly. We should encourage the re-use of things. A phone that someone no longer needs may be enough for you. PLEDDU only rents modern phones in top condition, in addition, you can easily replace the phone this way if it does not suit you.

Give new life to your old phone

Do you have a working phone at home that you don’t use? Don’t leave it in a drawer, rent it. You get regular improvements to your budget, completely out of work. You can solve everything quickly online. It is also possible to donate a phone to someone via PLEDDA if you want to make a person happy who cannot afford to buy a phone.
Behind PLEDDA is a very nice idea of ​​sharing things and reusing them, so a bright future certainly awaits her. The platform is available as a mobile application for Android.