Are you worried about a broken phone? Does you need money?

31. 05. 2022

How to prepare the phone for service ?

We take care of our mobile phones as best we can. Sometimes coincidence is a jerk and we destroy our equipment in a second. Do you have extra phones at home? Do not hesitate and contact PLEDDU! In order for the repair to be as good as possible, the phone needs to be prepared. In the first step, you need to remove the cover, protective glass or foil from the phone, remove the SIM card and the memory card. In the second step, you need to deactivate all security. Deactivation is not necessary if your mobile phone is undergoing only minor repairs, such as cleaning or replacing the display. If it is a more complex repair, it is necessary to completely deactivate all security, or you can share your password or PIN code with the service. Whenever it is necessary to have your phone repaired, it is a good idea to make a deposit. Sometimes, however, we may not have a chance to make a deposit at all. For this reason, it is a good idea to make a backup on an ongoing basis, either to your computer or to set up a cloud backup.

Do you need money for phone service ?

Do you need money? Sell ​​your phone and keep using it! Do backrenting by PLEDDU. There is one more dilemma before packing it in a box and sending it to a better tomorrow. Do you really need to delete your data? It depends a lot on you, if you have very sensitive personal data, I definitely recommend it. If not, you don’t have to. As soon as the phone is ready for service, I recommend taking it to the service in its original box. Of course, the sales package is accompanied by the fact that you should pack a charging cable with the adapter you use to charge the phone (and in fact to any electronics that go through service). Alternatively, other cabling, such as headphones or USB cable. In some cases, it is revealed that the problem is due to a defective charger.

Can you repair your phone yourself?

At first glance, this may seem terribly complicated. Money fast to the account! It’s up to us if we want to go for it. If we have our mobile phone under warranty, then I do not recommend it, because if we repair the phone ourselves successfully, we still have the right to warranty. Our mobile phones are manufactured so that they can be accessed by an authorized service center. But if we have a phone at home under warranty and it is older, then why can’t we try light phone repairs ourselves? It takes a little dexterity and courage, but it’s fun! You have the opportunity to learn something new.

Lookinf for phone service ? Contact PLEDDU

The truth is that the screws are disappearing from the covers, and with the help of a classic screwdriver today we can open the desktop computer case as much as possible. If you want to get into a mobile phone, you have to overcome a thick layer of glue and buy special screwdrivers, plastic crowbars and a heat gun. Where to get money fast, try PLEDDU ? You can buy these tools cheaply online. Before you start, I recommend going through the repair instructions for individual models on the Internet. It is good to study something about your phone so that you do not unnecessarily destroy your device unknowingly. Money fast and easy! Contact pleddu!