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14. 06. 2022

Did you know that there have been telephones in the Czech Republic for over 30 years?

Mobile phones are our great helpers. How to get money now? We use them every day and they are very important to us. They allow us to communicate with others from almost anywhere on our planet, and we cannot imagine life without them. According to research by the Czech Statistical Office, almost everyone owns a phone. Among people aged 16-74, you would not find a mobile phone for only two out of a hundred people.

How to make money fast? Do you remember the beginnings of mobile phones?

The first prototype mobile phone appeared in the world in 1973. But customers had to wait another 10 years for a commercial device! You will get money from us easily and quickly! The first NMT analogue mobile network in the Czech Republic was launched in 1991. Only people who did not hesitate and spent 60,000 – 100,000 crowns on a four-kilo phone could make a phone call. One minute cost 20 crowns. In addition to outgoing calls, incoming calls had to be paid for, so both parties had to pay. This mobile phone only worked in Prague, Central Bohemia and Brno. Unfortunately, the signal from the antennas of the three transmitters did not reach elsewhere. The first GSM digital network was launched in the Czech Republic in 1996.

How was it with mobile phone memory?

The first phonebooks were not stored in the phone, only on the SIM card. Where to get money easily and quickly? The first SIM cards had room for only 10 stored numbers, later the memory increased and it could hold 100 stored numbers.

Remember with us what mobile phones looked like! Do you need money?

Mobile phones had different shapes. In 1996, the first “lid” with a flip handset and the first communicator with a large QWERTY keyboard were ordered on the market for the first time. In 1997, instead of protruding antennas, integrated ones began to be used. Money easy and fast! At the same time, the first mobile phone with a four-color display was introduced. In 1998, you were able to purchase phones with removable covers and a slide-out keyboard. In 1999, it was possible to send SMS from prepaid phone cards and use the WAP service. More information about PLEEDU TEAM.

When did the touch screen phone first appear?

Models with a graphic display gradually began to gain ground among the phones, and manufacturers gradually expanded their functions and expanded equipment. Do you have an unused phone at home? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will find him a new place! In 2000, a touch screen phone was introduced for the first time. This mobile phone was controlled by a special pen – stylus. In 2001, cell phones began playing mp3 files and Bluetooth wireless technology. The following year, 2002, brought us mobile phones with a built-in camera, and operators began offering MMS services. The flashlight appeared on new phones in 2003. Phone production also included a calculator, meeting organizer, simple mobile games, support for data services, e-mail and the Internet.

mobile phones
mobile phones

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