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28. 01. 2022

Get money for the cell phone you keep

Do you need money? Many people today find themselves in life situations where they have an acute shortage of money. The coronavirus pandemic, giant inflation, rising energy, rising housing costs and the constant rise in prices around us can make it happen with every wallet. Maybe you have sudden expenses and you need money. Many people choose to sell their phone because it is one of the fastest ways to make money without a loan.

Don’t go to the bazaar, use PLEDDU

PLEDDU is a marketplace for circular economy for mobile phones. More and more people have phones without use at home and through PLEDDU they can rent them to others at advantageous prices. If you want to sell your phone, you can do so here and the advantage is that you can continue to use your phone. It is a great advantage for anyone who needs money and at the same time cannot imagine that he would suddenly find himself without a phone. You will get paid for your phone immediately and then you will pay for its rental for only small amounts per month.
Just download the PLEDDU app to your phone. Your phone will be rated in the application. You choose the rental variant that suits you best. In addition, you can terminate the rental at any time. You don’t have to go anywhere to get money for your phone, you can handle everything online and fill out a form with all the necessary information on the website. Once the purchase and rental agreement has been approved, the money will land in your bank account. This handles everything and you can continue to use your phone. This application has already helped many people in a difficult situation, and if you also need to earn money and at the same time do not do without a phone, it is also a great solution for you. More and more people are using PLEDDU and you can join them. This is a fair service that is beneficial to both parties. The conditions are simple and everything is completely clear.